Heavy Duty Forged 2.5 in / 3.0 in Poly Bushing

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    Ballistic Forged Poly Bushings
    Machined in the USA
    using Domestic and foreign materials
    The 2.5" and 3.0" Forged Chromoly Ballistic Poly Bushings are made to be the ultimate in durability and ease of use. With this latest innovation from Ballistic Fabrication, we have eliminated the need to purchase separate bushing housings and studs to create link and track bar ends, combining them into one seamless forged chromoly unit. Stronger and aesthetically pleasing, these forgings are perfect for link ends in almost any on or off road suspension application. Forged from 4140 chromoly, heat treated, CNC machined to exacting tolerances then zinc plated for maximum corrosion resistance and long life, the Ballistic forged poly bushing is a great choice in suspension control. 
    The thermoset molded polyurethane Chevy leaf spring bushings are designed and produced direct from Prothane Industries for the ultimate in vibration dampening control. Perfect for linkages on street driven vehicles and daily drivers where discomfort due to road vibration is more undesirable. They also work perfectly in combination with our Ballistic Joints for the highest overall performance and comfort.
    This joint is designed for rotation only along the bolt axis. If your suspension requires this joint to rotate more than 5 degrees side-to-side you should consider our 2.63" Ballistic Joint.
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    What's Included
    • One(1) Ballistic Forged Poly Bushing housing
    • Two(2) Prothane Chevy Leaf Spring bushing halves
    • One(1) 9/16" steel zinc plated sleeve
    • One grease zerk

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    Great product expensive shipping

    Great products , high quality but shipping really is steep for a few small items

    Thanks for the kind words and the feedback. We urge our customers that are discouraged with high shipping rates to contact us to see if we can arrange an alternate shipping method or work with you on pricing. Thanks!
    Nice product

    So far they seem to be way better then others I’ve used. They are heavy, the rubber bushings are tight, and the grease zerks actually threaded in nicely. Priced well for the quality of craftsmanship.

    Forged rod ends

    Awsome piece thanks JC

    Quality product

    Amazing product. Will definitely use again


    Top quality product, very impressive