XJ - TJ Jeep Combo Bracket Upgrade Kit

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XJ-TJ Jeep Combo Bracket Upgrade Kit

We have designed a solution for JEEP XJ or TJ owners with the D30 coil suspension setup. The stock brackets are thin and likely to bend, dent and possibly tear right off of the axle tube with enough stress. Our Jeep Ultimate bracket combines the coil mounts, shock mounts, trac-bar mount and link mounts, all into one easy to configure system. All of the critical locations are left stock so that original parts or aftermarket parts from other companies will fit without ill effects on ride height or suspension geometry. Are you planning to do an axle swap to a D44 or perhaps a D60? We offer the option to upgrade your axle tube diameter to accommodate most sizes of axles without changing the overall geometry of your suspension. Link brackets are offset to 5 degrees. Also features an adjustable trackbar mounting width to accommodate larger than stock rod ends and bushings.
One (1) Pair, Enough For One Axle
Brackets are cut from .250" steel. Brackets do not come welded, but do include jigged pieces for easy assembly. Coil retainers included.

Customer Reviews

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Kyle B.H. (McCall, US)
Solid product!

I ordered these to replace the thin factory ones. They definitely are going to hold up a lot better! I installed these on a 1998 XJ.

William E. (Wading River, US)
New heavy duty spring perches

Excellent heavy duty perch for rotten old ones. Definite peace of mind know the axel will now be staying in place

Dave S. (Minneapolis, US)
Great product

Great heavy duty brackets!

Miguel (Bloomfield Hills, US)
Super strong, perfect fit!

Bought this for my "Go Fast" Xj. After lifting my Xj 4.5" and fitting By Pass shocks; the OEM brackets didn't held up to the punishment. Searching the web for replacement brackets, came up with Ballistic Fab on NAXDA forum. Bought the brackets; strip the axle, and burned them on.

Can be more happy with this brackets, they are super strong, track bar fit without readjusting length. Now I can speed up with conference!

The only things I added to the brackets is: to the spring plate retainer, I welded a piece of pipe that matched the internal diameter of the spring, to assure that the spring kips center if the bolt goes loose! it happen to me at fist. Fabricated some custom sway bar links welded G8 bolts to the side of the brackets and installed my sway bar.

Now looking for some rear dif shock brackets!! It would be nice if Ballistic would designee some sort of mount to eliminate the Xj's OEM uni-body shock brackets and be able to mount both shocks to the rear (like I have for now).

daniel f. (Hutchinson, US)
Combo bracket

Bought these for my for explorer since I did a Dana 30 swap, I'm building a Dana 44 for it so got these for my 44 so everything will just go into place with my existing set up! Haven't welded them up yet but these will make for an easy swap!