Sterling 10.5" / 10.25" Shave Kit

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    Sterling 10.5" / 10.25" Shave Kit - NOW SHIPPING
    Welded 3/8" and 1/4" Steel

    It's finally here, the ultimate Sterling 10.5" axle upgrade. Kit has been tested, perfected and is in production stage. Orders will ship first week of December 2017!

    The Sterling Shave kit allows for 5.3" of clearance from the bottom of the axle tube after removing almost 1.5 inches of casting material. This is equal to buying 3" larger diameter tires without the added rotational mass and larger additional expense. 
    Large 4130 Billet Skid plate provides protection against rocks while the laser cut from 3/8" and 1/4" plate steel cover adds the much needed protection against rocks. Steel plate is CNC press formed with 15 different bends to create a geometrically strong cover. The CNC bent cover is then welded inside and out, then CNC machined flat and holes machined for a great fit. 
    Optional AR 500 skid plate to be announced shortly, will be compatible with covers sold now. 
    Truss to be released in time for Shave Kit shipment
    VERY IMPORTANT - This modification will require professional level welding by a person qualified to weld cast ductile iron / Nodular iron. The sterling casting is NOT STEEL and CANNOT be welded by conventional means.  Full welding and machining instructions are in process currently and will be available by the time the first kits ship. 
    The welding process involves -
    • Precise heating of the casting between 250 - 400 degrees F using Tempsticks
    • Ni55 Nickel based welding rod (Arc)
    • Stress relief of welds by needle scaling or moderate to light air-hammering
    • Prolonged cool-down process with heat blankets

    If any one of these processes are not completed properly, the housing will be proned to cracking. Ballistic Fabrication will offer welding and machining services for $445. Brackets and leaf perches can be removed for $100.

    Ring gear machining WILL be required. Ballistic Fabrication will provide machine work to housing for $150 and machine work to ring gear for $45


    What's Included
    • One (1) Differential Cover 3/8" and 1/4" Steel Plate
    • All Necessary Installation Hardware
    • Zinc Plated 3/4" Fill Plug
    • Zinc plated Magnetic Drain Plug (neodymium)
    • 1/2" Thick Bottom Plate


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