Flat Bottom Radius Arm / Coil Mounts (Pair)

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    Flat Bottom Radius Arm and Coil Mounts
    Higher Clearance For Custom Suspension
    Radius arm / coil mount with retainer - Allows a flat bottom for higher clearance under axle. Cut from 1/4" plate. Bolt holes are 9/16". 7 inches of separation between mounting holes, designed for use with any coil spring with a 5.5" flat footprint or larger. For use with 5.5" wide Jeep TJ springs. For use with our 3" wide poly bushings. Includes 2 brackets to complete one axle.

    What's Included
    Two (2) Brackets
    Two (2) Spring Retainers

      Customer Reviews

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      Flat Bottom Radius Arm / Coil Mounts (Pair)

      Axle swap

      Bought these to install 2002 F250 Dana 60 axle into my 78 F150 with a 5.9 cummins. They made the swap easy and straight forward.

      Would work better for parallel 4 link.

      The construction is great. Cut is precise, they are really heavy duty, and quality steel. The upper mount needs some bracing for side to side stability, in my opinion. I had wanted to run a simple radius arm setup, but after mocking this in place using a couple of hiems and a bushing I had virtually no articulation. Not that you get a ton out of a radius arm setup, but the 7" separation and being directly vertical of one another seems to have made it a bit worse. If I had room I would use these in a heartbeat for 4 link brackets. Unfortunately I am going to do some more mods and run a 3 link instead.

      I would like to add that I have purchased a good number of products from ballistic and they are always high quality and exactly what I expected to get. Just in this instance my hopes of a decent functioning radius arm setup were dashed by the math. :(


      Flat Bottom Radius Arm / Coil Mounts

      Looks good

      Ive only mocked them up, but they seem like they will work well