14 Bolt Rear Truss System

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    Corporate 14 Bolt Rear Axle Truss
    The Ultimate 14 Bolt Truss System
    Revision 2 released 4.10.17 
    Please Select hardware option to get pricing with diff covers. 

    This truss system is designed for 4-link capability on a rear 14 Bolt axles. It serves as a link mount system for a 4 link, as well as greatly strengthens the housing. These 14 Bolt housings are notorious for spinning tubes and fracturing the original casting. Take the strength to the next level and add a Ballistic Differential cover with an integrated truss mount!


    The Ballistic Fabrication 14 Bolt Truss is made from 1/4" and 3/8" A36 steel plate and offers amazing protection for your axle!  Don’t get caught on a rock without one! 


    Features and Benefits

    • Integrated 3/8" thick pinion guard INCLUDED 
    • Three Piece design so that the diff cover and pinion can be easily removed for repair and maintenance.
    • 1/4" and 3/8" internal gussets with a close tolerance profile on the main gusset so that it can be easily welded.
    • Add a 3/8" thick diff cover with integration bridge for protection against rocks as well as strengthen the overall system.
    • Upgrade to a full blown 14B Shave kit / Truss system for the ultimate in strength.
    • Includes ALL hardware for tie-ins
    • Includes 2.63" width brackets for Ballistic joints with 9/16" bore or equivalent

    Truss is shipped non-assembled and is not welded. 

    14 Bolt Truss Rev 2.0 Installation Instructions

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 13 reviews
      Looks pretty good.....

      Cant speak to the entire truss system as it has yet to be installed in conjunction with lift,...however, installed the first differential cover purchased prior to entire truss kit, it is heavy as phuq compared to the original, and was a bitch to get on on my back under the truck, but once on it looked good.
      Was disappointed that I could not also fit the spider protector cover over top I also purchased, as this cover is about an inch thick metal all the way around, unlike the oem that has a flattened lip. It still fits nice and snug though, and admittady the spider would have blocked out the skull.
      Definitely a tough differential cover. Am unfamiliar with mag hytec or any other aftermarkets, was going for original style, and am definitely happy with it. Though was a little sneaky to have the truss kit back in stock after I purchased diff cover...
      It comed rough, sort of marked, scratches...
      I didnt paint or treat it, will see how it fares through winter, which will determine if I do that to truss kit, but its definitely one tough cover, and the components Ive seen seem to be just as well made.
      Im happy with it, and feel it was worth the money, even with exchange. Im fairly confident it will be a good addition to the build.

      If I break this I have far bigger problems.

      Just installed this today.
      The fit was excellent and went together with minimal adjustments... just a little grinding to clean up some cut flash.
      Prepping the axle for the fit up was the biggest headache... i.e. cutting off all the factory tabs and brackets, removing the brakes, etc.
      (So glad to get rid of those big heavy drum brakes!)
      I also used the Ballistic diff cover with the raised truss ring to tie it all together. Maybe a diff shave kit will come later but not for now.
      One concern I had on assembly was the accessibility of the top nuts on the back side of the diff cover once it was all put together.
      Before I installed the top plate, I just welded the nuts to the inside of the truss. A small issue but problem solved and it won't be coming apart any time soon or very often.
      Just something to be aware of. I used Grade 8 steel lock nuts instead of the nuts in the kit. Also, Red LocTite is your friend!
      As I said before, the prep was a minor PITA but this build was FUN!
      BTW, the hardware kit also included a really cool Ballistic skull key ring trinket!
      My hat's off to you for a great design! This thing is bad ass!

      Sturdy and exactly as expected.

      You can tell this thing is tough as hell. The diff cover is definitely bulletproof.

      14 Bolt Truss

      Excellent fit and cool design.

      14 bolt truss and shave kit

      The product is awesome! I love it. I only have a few downsides. For one this is my first time doing a 14b shave and truss. So directions in the box would have been nice. At least I could get them off the web. The truss fits, but I had to shave the slots a bit on the gusset so they would fit without a hammer and extreme frustration. I think it's because they were machined for exact fit which is a bit tight. Other than that everything is great. I can deal with those downsides. Also my diff cover bolts are wrong. Way too small. But I work next to a hardware store so I will just have to spend more money I guess.