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Great fast service great product

Ballistic Fab T-Shirt

7/8” steering kit

Great product, had to send tie rod out to get bent at a 10 degree angle on each end to clear diff cover. But everything works great.

7/8 Steering Kit with High Misalignment Spacers

I ordered this kit for my 14’ F350 in hopes of being able to tighten up my steering, have a stronger and more lift friendly component. After receiving the parts and welding it all together I got more than what I asked for not only does it function beautifully it looks great. I will say that the only thing I wish the threaded inserts had was a way to use a wrench allowing adjustment to be easier. I would still Highly Highly recommend this kit or any product.

great bracket

I trimmed this down to fit on my YJ frame for a front long arm conversion. Worked great. Indexed well and came together perfect. Very strong and has held up well to some hard trips already.

Titties and Beer

Fu king tits kit!! cleaned them tubes up real nice and burned those bitches on. Works well and was quick and easy!!

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Axle shock bracket

Haven’t had a chance to install but everything looks straightforward and can’t say I would change any part of this design.


Worked great for my setup. Will buy again.

Axle Tube LINK Tabs

Everything works good thanks For a good product

Awesome hitch covers

I ordered two skull hitch covers. They quality is amazing. Painted mine black over the weekend and got me a lock so no one steals it when i put it on today. Awesome quality product.

HD Axle Tube Shock Tab

Always perfect

Once again, nice simple must have part, perfectly designed and fabricated.

Fast shipping and great product

Battery Bow

Great product, worked perfectly where i needed to.

Great product

Quality built product by an awesome company

Great bushings

Always great quality

great product


Extremely happy customer

So I order these badass link mounts for my 2003 Jeep Wrangler. I used the links for my tire carrier they were the perfect dimensions, and size. They got here within two days, and their customer service is insanely good. Ballistic fabrication has a ton of good products and I am now going to be long time customer

Cool decal, I like to show off the products I purchase

1 x Inner Frame Bracket / Lower Link Bracket COMBO

These things are beefy! bends all look good. cant wait to get these installed and welded up.

Tube adapters worked great!

Ordered threaded tube adapters to build custom steering linkage. Welded them on the tubes and screwed in the rod ends; perfect!

When ya gotta mount your shocks as far outboard as possible.

Plenty sturdy and the holes fit the hardware nice and snug. The bottom contour doesn't quite match my particular C-brackets but a little trimming and they work just fine.

A must-have for single-shear steering joints.

That little extra insurance for your steering joints. Good snug fit on the hardware to safely keep everything where it belongs.

Stylin' while Wheelin'

Cool design front and back and great fit. Plus, it matches my Ballistic Fab diff covers!