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Nice shirt

Good shirt exactly as described on the website.

Great part

The fit form and function of the part was very nice and exactly as described on the website.

90 Degree Gusset With Skull Cut-Out

Awesome parts

Very well cut and built.


Exactly as described, beefy and shipped fast

Meh it’s ok

So I have machine tools and can make this clamp myself. The $40 price tag is right about where I’d break even with my time. Figured I’d save myself a few hours and buy this pre made. The part itself seemed fairly well made ..BUT.. the 2” version didn’t fit my 2” fox shock reservoir. I speced the bore with my calipers and it seems to run around 1.970”. I ended up having to clamp this up in my bridgeport and pull a shade over 30 thou out of the main bore before it fit down over my reservoir. This isn’t necessarily Ballistics fault but I’d like to see some more accurate measurements listed on these products in the future. Coupled with the $17 shipping fee, I would’ve been better off just to make it myself. On a good note, shipping was fast and this IS a well machined part overall.. just hated to have to spend the time to modify it to fit what it’s advertised to fit (a 2” reservoir)

Inner Frame Mount 22.5 Deg Offset (Single)

Billet Steel Tube Spikes

Smooth edge's

Looks great, smooth edge's on all corners.

Jam Nut

Jam Nut

Great bracket!

This helps my 3-link I’m piecing together. I like that there’s an axle tube size choice. That saves a lot of time. I bored the holes out with a reamer and threaded the other side. I like the bracket.

Good product!

I got the 1/4” thick brackets. Very good quality. I’m using them for a different purpose. Holding some custom UCAs so I did fabricate the bracket somewhat but very cool. Thank you guys for making such a bracket. This will help move my kit along very well.

Great product!

Great quality and fast shipping!

14 bolt shave kit

Very well made and looks great !! Fit as it should and would recommend others to buy. GOOD JOB

Lower axle link brackets

Only issue that I have is is how amazing the product is. maxes my build very strait forward and takes out hours of time of building custom mounting brackets

Dana 80 Fabricated diff cover

Looks great, nice welds and fits well.


Was to say the least EXTREMELY disappointed. Ordered from these guys thinking if I called and ordered over the phone and explained exactly what I wanted how in the world could anything be wrong 😂. Next time I’ll order from eBay for 150$ less and get wrong shit and not be so frustrated.

Good quality

Good quality and American made would of ordered more from them if shipping wasn’t so much

Leaf Spring Perch (Pair)

Spanner review

Nice clean simple tool that I'm sure I will get alot if use out if it.

Jam Nut

Great product. Would buy again

14 Bolt Pinion Guard

Looks tuff, I will see how it works out once I get my Axles built this summer

Not impressed

I ordered a small selection of shock tabs for a project I was working on and to be honest I wasn’t impressed, all the tabs had 1/2” bolt holes and some of them fit over 1/2” grade 8 bolts but some of them needed to be reamed to clear the shoulder of the bolt, also the coping on some of the tabs had enough dros to make them not sit on the 1.5” tube evenly, cleaned them up and got them to work for my project but when I’m buying lasercut tabs I shouldn’t have to deal with that, The selection is great just wish the products were a little higher quality controlled. Shipping was fast and order was correct otherwise.

Tj 8.8 swap