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Great product!👍🏻

Lower Shock Perpendicular Bolt Bracket Axle (Pair)

The misalignment spacers and hiem joint are great

Dana 44 Inner Knuckle Gusset Set (Inner C's)

Third World Country Item

Very thin CHEAP T-Shirt . will never wear it , waste of money !

Axle tube shock bracket

Stout and well made. Using for a 1 ton axle swapped dodge Dakota on king coil overs

skull diff cover

Love the look , makes the axle look fancy also no worries about rock dents that the ring gear will cut through

Shock hoop brackets

Good quality. Good design. Good price.

Shock Tabs (2 pieces)

Adjustable Panhard/Tracbar Axle Mount

Awesome shock tabs

Tabs were cut beautifully and fit my tube like a glove. I love how much they wrap around the tube to give you the most weld surface area!

Good quality

Good quality spacers, a little on the pricy side wish they offered a bulk pricing. Overall very satisfied with the product & would recommend ballistic to my off-road buddy’s🤙

Hello Trey!

We hope that the added peace of mind of having hardened 416 SS spacers vs the far more common soft 303 SS is worth the slight price increase.

Awesome product

Fast shipping, amazing quality, super heavy duty mounts fit perfectly. The formed gussets fit perfectly just welded them on today and I am super excited for the way everything cam out. Not my first experience with ballistic parts and most certainly would buy again. Among the best prices I found for everything you get!

Multi-Purpose Tabs

Multi-Purpose Tabs

My favorite upgrade

I love these diff covers. Tougher than the rocks and they have a little attitude as well. Fit like a glove and workmanship that is off the charts. Thanks BF!!!

22.5 offset mount

Excellent product . Takes the guess work out and a huge time saver over fabing myself . Will buy more Ballistic products

Got it thanks

303 SS Spacer 3/4 in.

Probably works great on a different 60

I would assume that the kit works perfect on a completely different Dana 60 but on my funky D60-ISU from a Ford van the cover fit perfect but the bottom plate wasn't even close. Fortunately I have access to a CNC plasma and mill and just made a new lower plate, not a big deal for me but could be a major struggle for others. so be warned! not for ISU housings!

Nice Product at a Reasonable Price

Actually ended up not using them (for now anyway), but I will put them to use on a future project no doubt.

Very well machined and great price

Worked like a charm!

Perfect fit for my full hydro steering rod ends and bolts through my steering arms. Thanks!

Very clean

Excellent Workmanship

You can tell that the cuts edges and machined areas were inspected thoughroughly by a skilled human. All areas were smooth to the touch and can be grabbed caressed with bear hands at no risk of injury. The bends lacked any indication of stress. I used to inspect ship construction for a living, and I plan on buying future products from these folks before other fabricators.

Steel stock

Quality piece of steel stock