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The kit is very well made. I used it on a sterling 10.5 axle and it works fine. Including basic instructions to what goes where in the box will be very helpful, most of us don`t install those very day!

Excellent product and service

Great product 👍

Badass truss system 🤘🏼

Killer system guys, axle looks badass and is almost ready to get re assembled! Easy install of the truss and brackets.

Although I haven't put the adapters to use yet, I can already tell they will be more than adequate for the job.

Great product!

Awesome fit and finish

Looks pretty good.....

Cant speak to the entire truss system as it has yet to be installed in conjunction with lift,...however, installed the first differential cover purchased prior to entire truss kit, it is heavy as phuq compared to the original, and was a bitch to get on on my back under the truck, but once on it looked good.
Was disappointed that I could not also fit the spider protector cover over top I also purchased, as this cover is about an inch thick metal all the way around, unlike the oem that has a flattened lip. It still fits nice and snug though, and admittady the spider would have blocked out the skull.
Definitely a tough differential cover. Am unfamiliar with mag hytec or any other aftermarkets, was going for original style, and am definitely happy with it. Though was a little sneaky to have the truss kit back in stock after I purchased diff cover...
It comed rough, sort of marked, scratches...
I didnt paint or treat it, will see how it fares through winter, which will determine if I do that to truss kit, but its definitely one tough cover, and the components Ive seen seem to be just as well made.
Im happy with it, and feel it was worth the money, even with exchange. Im fairly confident it will be a good addition to the build.

Great product

Everything fits perfectly as it should very high quality


Great service!

Danna 30 truss

I received the product in a very reasonable time frame. But it didn't seem to fit the way it was supposed to. With some modifications it worked.

I.D. Tube Clamp

Awesome product

Made installing upper links a breeze! Just centered base plate on axle and adjusted mounts to neutral on joints.

Lower Axle Link Bracket (Pair)

Good quality

Would have cost me more to fab the parts then to buy them, good quality stuff

Hott dawg

Good, solid construction. Get 'em when you can, often out of stock. 2.63 etc...

3/4 in -16 tpi Tube Adapter

No support for the necessary hardware to install

It would be a lot better if you also sold the studs needed to use this spacer with a high steer arm. The longer studs are proving difficult to find.

Dual Frame Mounts for 4-Link

They are made of 1/4" metal and appear to be very strong but I have not mounted them yet and I am only giving this review so I will stop getting emails about leaving a review.

Steel tube spikes

Just what I wanted. Fit was perfect and very good quality.

Flat bottom shock tabs

I used them as mounts for a dom tubing transmission and transfercase mount, they worked perfectly and I have it mounted up.

Perfect fit!

Excellent quality, excellent fit! No issue with clearance with stock H2 wheel backspacing on my axle and 7/8 heims

Awesome product

Well made brackets for best price I found. Worked perfect for my build.


Good quality and fit my 1 1/4" tubing perfect.

Skull hitch cover

Very well made..nice addition to the ass end. Painted mine red with black eyes and nose

Nice buy

Good looking piece. Fit the battery perfectly.

Awesome shirt!