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Did what I needed.

Just as advertised.

Jam Nut
Jam nuts

Got what I ordered. Thank you

Would be perfect if the studs fit in the holes

Very nice part. Laser cut, 3/8" thick and plenty strong. I love that it's dual drilled for 6.5" and 170mm patterns. Only problem is the holes appear to be drilled for the stud diameter and not the shoulder dia that is pressed in. So I was not able to press them in.
It turns out I am not able to use the studs anyway since I want 14x1.5 to match my wheel studs and not have 2 different lug nut sizes. Maybe offer studs in 9/16"x18, 1/2"x20 and 14x1.5?
Great part and very pleased with customer service as well.
I will be back for more.

Would work better for parallel 4 link.

The construction is great. Cut is precise, they are really heavy duty, and quality steel. The upper mount needs some bracing for side to side stability, in my opinion. I had wanted to run a simple radius arm setup, but after mocking this in place using a couple of hiems and a bushing I had virtually no articulation. Not that you get a ton out of a radius arm setup, but the 7" separation and being directly vertical of one another seems to have made it a bit worse. If I had room I would use these in a heartbeat for 4 link brackets. Unfortunately I am going to do some more mods and run a 3 link instead.

I would like to add that I have purchased a good number of products from ballistic and they are always high quality and exactly what I expected to get. Just in this instance my hopes of a decent functioning radius arm setup were dashed by the math. :(

Great parts

Great parts fit well joints are like new again thanks

Dana 60 King Pin - Coil Over / Shock Mount And Gusset


Dead solid perfect.

Super strong, perfect fit!

Bought this for my "Go Fast" Xj. After lifting my Xj 4.5" and fitting By Pass shocks; the OEM brackets didn't held up to the punishment. Searching the web for replacement brackets, came up with Ballistic Fab on NAXDA forum. Bought the brackets; strip the axle, and burned them on.

Can be more happy with this brackets, they are super strong, track bar fit without readjusting length. Now I can speed up with conference!

The only things I added to the brackets is: to the spring plate retainer, I welded a piece of pipe that matched the internal diameter of the spring, to assure that the spring kips center if the bolt goes loose! it happen to me at fist. Fabricated some custom sway bar links welded G8 bolts to the side of the brackets and installed my sway bar.

Now looking for some rear dif shock brackets!! It would be nice if Ballistic would designee some sort of mount to eliminate the Xj's OEM uni-body shock brackets and be able to mount both shocks to the rear (like I have for now).

bad quality

I have bought tons of tabs and parts from ballistic. I have noticed they need some quality control. Many of the tabs i have received are not usable because it looks like they were cut out using a blow tourch and the bolt hols are blown out.

Awesome kit!

Great little kit for a custom bumper!

Inner frame mount brackets

The brackets are good and solid, however they did not fit my application.

Good deal

Bushings are just what you need for a stout D60. Came packaged nicely with fast shipping.


very nice parts. Just barely had to file the weld inside the tube. Fit nice

HD Axle Tube Shock Tab

Nice pieces

Looks to be quality stuff cant wait to actually get some use on them

Dana 60 Shave Kit

This shave kit was recommended by a friend. Very high quality fab. Excellent communication from Ballistic Fab after sale. Will be purchasing more from Ballistic!

10.25 truss

Built great but had to cut over an inch off both sides to get it to fit

What is the application? Leaf sprung? Mind sharing a pic for others refere?
Great Service

Excellent communication and service

Link,coil,shock brackets

Have not installed yet, but definitely fits the axle

have not used them yet but they will work perfectly. i'm going to make a small modification on both sides and that was the plan when i ordered them

Top notch .

Great products ... precision all the way ...

Combo bracket

Bought these for my for explorer since I did a Dana 30 swap, I'm building a Dana 44 for it so got these for my 44 so everything will just go into place with my existing set up! Haven't welded them up yet but these will make for an easy swap!

Adjustable Link Brackets for 2 x 2 Cross Member

Radius Arm Coilover / Shock Mount

OD tube clamps- excellent quality

Excellent quality. I would recommend this product due to price and quality is excellent