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Dana 60 Shave "Replacement Cover Only"

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Dana 60 Shave Kit
Gain 1" of ground clearance!
Includes a differential cover CNC laser cut and CNC Press formed from 3/8" steel plate and 5/8" thick billet bottom block, with a 1/2" thick bottom armor plate. Gain an additional 1 inch of ground clearance from stock (equivalent to gaining 2" on tire size). Bottom bolts are countersunk for extra bolt protection. Kit adds TWO additional bolt holes to the ring pattern to increase strength and resist leakage. For best fitment, machine the bottom of the housing. Ring gear does NOT need to be turned or machined! This is our lowest profile cover ever, so it will clear most steering tie rods. Includes weld on skull logo and hardware. Welded and Machined flat for a great fit. 
Machining and Welding Service runs about 2-3 week lead time. The cost is $780 per differential; includes sand blasting, machining and welding of shave kit. We can remove your stock brackets and disassemble your entire unit for an additional $390.
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Complete instructions coming soon - But here's some pointers in the meantime :
  1. Machine or gind/cut housing to 3.200" from the tangent of the tube
  2. Pre-heat housing to 400 degrees ER70 or ER80 welding wire is recommended
  3.  Reinstall the ring gear, carrier and bearings.
  4.  Tack weld the bottom plate/cover assembly to the housing with ALL bolts installed.
  5. Check that the assembly is free of interference’s.
  6.  Remove the cover.
  7. Remove the ring gear, carrier and bearings.
  8. Pre-heat the housing/bottom plate with a rose bud torch until they are approximately 400 degrees. (Temperature marker can be used to indicate temp. You should not see a cherry color. If you do it is too hot.)
  9.  Weld the bottom plate from the outside first. Use a chipping hammer or a needle scaler (preferred) to relieve the weld and material while maintaining heat as best as possible. Do this until the entire area has been relieved.
  10. Re-heat if necessary and weld inside. Repeat needle scale and heat.
  11. Apply heat blanket and let cool as slowly as possible.



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